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SIEPM Colloquium 2015 – Tolerance and Concepts of Otherness in Medieval Philosophy, 9-12 September 2015

The Department of Philosophy is delighted to host one of the most important international events in Medieval Philosophy in 2015, 9-12th September 2015, bringing together the leading international scholars in the field. It is generously supported by Maynooth University and St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.


September 9th-12th,

The Colloquium will start at 9th September 6 PM and will be followed by a Wine Reception.
Registration will start on Thursday, September 10th, at 9 AM.


Renehan Hall, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth


Tolerance (and of course intolerance) and identity play key roles in our interaction with the world and the other. In fact, due to recent social and political developments, the focus of Philosophy has shifted more and more towards the problem of both inter-religious and inter–cultural dialogue and its limitations.  An extremely fruitful source in order to gain a more precise understanding of the questions and problems that arise in the encounter with otherness are the reflections developed by philosophers in the Middle Ages within their respective religious and cultural contexts. This colloquium aims to examine the development of the perception of the other within the different philosophical, religious and cultural traditions by considering not only the theological background but also the philosophical presuppositions of the concepts which then were used to develop various apologetic writings and theological treatises in the late Middle Ages and Early Modern era that dealt with the  questions of cultural  and religious difference.

Keynote Speakers:


Invited Speakers:


For further information, registration, and contact details, please see

SIEPM Colloquium 2015 Poster


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