1. The Association shall be known as the Irish Philosophical Society, or Cumann FealsĂșnachta na hÉireann.

2. The object of the Society shall be to promote philosophical studies and it shall hold Conferences for discussions, lectures, reading of papers and the general exchange of ideas.


3. Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee. It shall be open to those who are academically qualified or professionally engaged or have a special interest in philosophy.

4. Members shall pay annually such subscriptions as the Society shall from time to time determine.

5. Any member whose subscription is more than one year in arrears shall be deemed, after due reminder, to have resigned.

6. A general meeting of members shall be held annually. Committee

7. The members shall elect from among their number a Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and three ordinary members.

8. Each member of the Committee shall retire after three years, becoming however immediately eligible for re-election. No member shall hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms. years

9. Four members of the elected Committee, one of whom shall be the President, or Vice- President shall form a quorum.

10. The Society shall hold a Conference at least annually.

11. The arranging of this Conference, including the choice of time, place, theme, and lecturers, shall be a matter for the Committee. The Committee shall feel bound to consider carefully any suggestions and requests made by the members.

12. Participation in this Conference shall be open to all members of the Society and to such guests as may be invited by the Committee. Publications

13. The President shall be responsible for such publications as the Society shall deem opportune, whether by way of a periodical or occasional volumes or monographs. Additions and Amendments

14. Additions and amendments to this Constitution may be enacted by a two-thirds majority vote of the members attending a general meeting.

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