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Dr. Cara Nine - President (2019)

Philosophy Department

4 Elderwood

University College Cork, Cork

Telephone: (0) 21 490 2567

Email: c.nine@ucc.ie

Dr. Nine received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Arizona and her BA in Philosophy from Carleton College.  She has been part of the Philosophy Staff at University College Cork since 2006.  Her work mainly focuses on issues in justice and location, or how one’s location (residence, territorial citizenship, etc) can affect what is owed to that person as a matter of justice. Her first book, Global Justice and Territory (OUP 2012), won the American Philosophical Association Book Prize in 2013 and the Brian Farrell 2013 Book Prize, awarded by the Political Studies Association of Ireland.

She is co-director of the Territory and Justice Network


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Susan Gootlöer- Vice-President (2019)

Department of Philosophy.

Maynooth University, Maynooth

Co Kildare


Telephone: +353-1-708 3695
Email: susan.gottlober@nuim.ie

Susan Gottlöber is a Lecturer in the Dept of Philosophy, Maynooth University since 2009. She carried out her Doctoral Studies at the Chair of Philosophy of Religions and Religious Studies, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany. In TU Dresden she was assistant lecturer, holding the chair of Philosophy of Religions and Religious Studies, and in 2009 submitted her Ph.D. Dissertation: “Das Prinzip der Relationalität: Nicolaus Cusanus’ ontologisches Erkenntnismodell als epistemische Begründung eines Toleranzkonzeptes und Fundament eines interreligiösen Diskurses” (viva voce Jan 2010). Since 2009 she has also been co-editor of the circular “Philosophy of Religions. Discourses and Orientations”.

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Angelo Bottone - Treasurer (2015-2019)

Email: angelo.bottone@ucd.ie

Angelo Bottone is a lecturer at the School of Arts of the Dublin Business School. He also teaches in University College Dublin for the Adult Education Centre and in Marino Institute of Education. He holds a PhD on “The idea of the human person in John Henry Newman’s Dublin Writings” from University College Dublin. He has published books and articles on John Henry Newman, Paul Ricoeur, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Etienne Balibar.

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Katherine Furman – Hon. Secretary (2019)

Email: katherine.furman@ucc.ie

Katherine Furman is a Philosophy Lecturer at University College Cork, where she directs the MA in Health and Society. Previously she was a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Philosophy at Durham University, where she worked on the ‘Knowledge for Use’ project, mostly on topics of objectivity and causal inference.

Katherine is currently working on public distrust in science, and cases of epistemic self-reliance.

Chris Lawn – Committee member (2015-2019)

Department of Philosophy
Mary Immaculate College
South Circular Rd.
Telephone: (061) 204904
Email: chris.lawn@mic.ul.ie

Chris Lawn has been Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge, UK, Lecturer in Philosophy, Centre for Philosophy, Milltown Institute for Theology & Philosophy, Dublin and Associate Lecturer in the Arts, The Open University. He is currently the Course Director for the MA in Philosophy & Literature and for the MA in Humanities in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

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Paul O’Grady – Committee member (2015-2019)

Trinity College Dublin.


Paul O’Grady studied English and Philosophy at UCD, where I wrote an MA thesis on Wittgenstein’s Tractatus. After that I wrote my PhD on Carnap and Quine on Analyticity in TCD. My first full-time job was in Oxford and after that I came to TCD in 1997, being made Fellow in 2003. My interest in cognitive relativism arose from my graduate work and I published Relativism, Routledge (2002) with a series of papers on this topic. I also have a research focus in Philosophy of Religion, especially on the work of Aquinas, read in an analytic idiom, with Aquinas’s Philosophy of Religion Palgrave (2014) and a series of papers. My current research draws together both analytic epistemology and analytic philosophy of religion and I am working on a monograph on Wisdom, drawing on virtue epistemology, epistemic contextualism and Aquinas’s developed account of virtue. I want to explore why the topic largely disappeared in modern philosophy, what factors point to a reappraisal and how the topic is fruitful for virtue and social epistemology.

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New Committee Members 2019

S.Doyle -  Committee member (2019)

D. Derry -  Committee member (2019)

D. Archard -  Committee member (2019)

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