IPS Yearbook 2008

General Editor Dr Michael Dunne

Assistant Editor Dr Catherine Kavanagh

Yearbook Secretary Dr Cyril McDonnell

Reviews Editor Dr Mette Lebech

Reviewing board
Maeve Cooke (UCD)
William Desmond (KULeuven)
John Dillon (TCD)
John Hayes (MI Limerick)
Teresa Iglesias (UCD)
Richard Kearney (Boston College)
Cynthia Macdonald (QUB)
Dermot Moran (UCD)
Markus Woerner (NUIG)

The 2008 Yearbook contains the following articles:

Tsarina Doyle
The Perspectival Unity of Nietzsche’s Metaphysics
Gary M. Gurtler S.J.
Happiness and Teleology in Aristotle
Gaven Kerr
The Meaning of ens commune in the Thought of Thomas AquinasMette Lebech
Stein’s Phenomenology of the Body
Lidia Ripamonti
Being Thrown or Being Held in Existence? The Opposite Approaches to Finitude of Edith Stein and Martin Heidegger
D. C. Schindler
An Aesthetics of Freedom: Friedrich Schiller’s Breakthough Beyond Subjectivism
Peter J.M. van der Burgt
Can Science detect Design in Nature?
Kevin Williams
Michael Oakeshott and the Ecology of Civic Education
Markus H. Woerner and Ricca Edmondson
Towards a Taxonomy of Types of Wisdom

Feature Review:
Julia Jansen
Dermot Moran Introducing the One Husserl: Moran’s Synthetic Reading
Book Reviews
Timothy Mooney
Edmund Husserl The Basic Problems of Phenomenology: From the lectures, Winter semester, 1910-11
Mark Dooley
Maeve Cook Re-presenting the Good Society
Declan Lawell
Ian Leask & Eoin Cassidy eds. Givenness and God: Questions of Jean-Luc Marion
Maeve Cook
William D. Desmond. The Greek Praise of Poverty: The Origins of Ancient Cynicism
John Noras
Brian Elliot Phenomenology and Imagination in Husserl and Heidegger
Mette Lebech
Edith Stein An Investigation Concerning the State